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Meet the Little Red Dog Cayman


This is his story as seen through my eyes trying to understand life through his eyes. And as only a human can do, making this process considerably more complicated than it really need be.

My enlightened journey started with a beautiful yellow labrador named Sandi. She was, and on some level still is, my heart and soul. I, of my accord, decided it would be important for Sandi to have another of “her kind” to fulfill her pack. And so started my journey to Cayman.

When I first saw Cayman he was a 4 week old puppy. He was full of energy, and high on personality. This little man had it all, cute, sweet, and eyes that looked at me with a deeper understanding. I thought like Sandi, he could see into my soul and we would be bonded forever with a deep spiritual connection.

After consideration to his fitting into home life and with Sandi’s approval Cayman was adopted. At 8 weeks old I brought home what has turned out to be one of the most influential decisions of my life. It would shape and change how I look at life, myself, and others around me.

Through the years I tried comprehending what it is this little red dog needed to make his world safe, and to build his confidence to be himself. And with one seemingly small, insignificant personality trail, his immense love of food, was to weave us together both physically, and emotionally forever.

This journey for the two of us has been challenging, loving, nurturing, and at times deeply sad. We have been together, separated, and then thrust together once more into each others lives.

If I could communicate orally to this little soul I would tell him this. Don’t be scared, try to be calm, I will watch over you, and I will always love you.

Jessica & Cayman