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It was a beautiful sunny day but Mama decided that housework was the plan of the day. I had a better idea and I tried to get her to hear me! I barked, I yipped, I barked louder, yipped louder hmm still nothing. I pondered, how can I get Mama out into the sunshine? Then it hit me, I know if I get the zoomies Mama will take me out! So zooming I did, left, right, around the table, to the couch and back again! Catch me if you can Mama!

“Cayman!” Mama said, “You need some fresh air to burn off your energy. Lets get Dad and go for a ride!”

So Mama and Dad spent what seemed like dog hours to get ready. Then finally with kibble in hand, off we go!

Sunday bike ride

This is Dad posing with me and my Zoomie mobile. Mama is all about safety, can you see what is on my flag?

Sunday bike ride

Wha? Where are we? OMG, it’s the DOG PARK!

Sunday afternoon bike ride

I got to bark and bark and bark! Nobody even made me stop. I got to talk to every dog and their human. I was very excited and I had a lot to say! I am very thirsty after so much talking!

Sunday bike ride

Then I was off for more smells, there are so many great smells at a dog park! I sniffed and sniffed. Then I sniffed some more! What a perfect day, for me the Little Red Dog.

Sunday bike ride

Here I am with Mama. I’m pretty dog-tired after my day at the park!

Sunday afternoon bike ride

I think I’ll just have a little nap. Maybe I’ll dream about all that I saw and did on my Sunday afternoon bike ride.

Helpful hints 2 paws 4:

When out biking with your pet carrying a small pack with a few of your pets necessities will ensure a fun ride for you and your pet. Consider these few items:

  1. Be sure to take a leash. That way if you need to stop for a ‘break’ you can have control over the new surroundings.
  2. Of course water. You can stow it in a sealed container ready for your snack stop.
  3. Take a few spare bags for the inevitable. Better to be prepared than leave behind a mess for someone else to find.
  4. Try to stick to bike paths, or lower congested roads. This is going to ease the stress on your pet, and make the ride more enjoyable for everyone.
  5. Start with shorter rides to begin with. Until your pet gets used to his new “den”. Remember its all new to your pet, a pen that moves, loud noises, and cars zooming by can be stressful on a newbie. Take it slow and have patience.

You and your best friend will be cruising together in no time. Have fun and be safe!

Do you have suggestions or helpful hints? Please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!