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If there is one thing Little Red Dog doesn’t like its bath time. So with as much dignity as he can muster, he allows me to spray, shampoo, condition, rinse and fluff dry his little body.

As told by Cayman

its Bath Day 1

WHY? Mama? WHY?

its Bath Day 2

First comes a really good spray down, rinsing away all the great dirt. It takes me awhile to collect that dirt. I have to roll, spin, squirm, rub, and squish my body to have things stick to my fur! Great Mama, just great! Go ahead, just wash it away!

its Bath Day 3

Mama likes the smell of the shampoo, I keep telling her I like the smell of DIRT!

its Bath Day 4

Can you tell by my mad face that I’m not enjoying this. Mama says this is good for my skin, I’m not so sure. One good thing about bath time, the big cookie at the end of bath time!

its Bath Day 6

Hmmm, yummy!

its Bath Day 5

Oh sure, and now… the rinse cycle!

its Bath Day 6

Going to my ‘puppy-place’ in my head, the one with lots and lots of food!

its Bath Day 7

Are we done? Mama, I don’t see a cookie!

Bath-time is a perfect hot, summer day activity. We all get pretty wet when Cayman does his water shake-off during his bath! Hmm, maybe just his little way of getting us to enjoy the cool water as well? Does your pet like a bath? Is it a fun time for you to share? Drop a comment and let us know! We would love to hear from you.