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Yummy toothpaste

Oral hygiene is an important aspect regarding your pets health. Tooth decay can cause a variety of serious illnesses in you pet. And the best way to help prevent this is simply, by regular brushing.

tooth brush 2Cayman loves his toothpaste!

tooth brush 1

I pay particular attention to the back teeth

tooth brush 3

I scrub the front teeth, but careful not to damage his gums

tooth brush 4

Give those canine teeth a good brush!

tooth brush 5

Finally, I put water on the brush then let him lick it to clean his tongue.

Helpful Hints 2 paws 4:

Brush your dog’s teeth at least two times a week and have your dog’s teeth checked once a year by your veterinarian.

  1. Routinely clean the teeth with toothpaste specifically made for dogs and cats. This can be found at your veterinary clinic, or at almost all pet stores.
  2. NEVER use human toothpaste on your pet’s teeth. Why you ask? Because dogs do not spit, and human toothpaste is not edible.
  3. Feed your dog dry dog food or hard dog biscuits every day and provide a hard toy or bone to chew on. This will help prevent periodontal disease, other infections, and gum diseases.
  4. Chances are if your dog has very bad breath, there is most likely a problem with his teeth, or gums. Have this checked by your veterinarian as your pet could be experiencing discomfort.
  5. New to brushing? Remember, take it slow and have patience.

how to brush your pets teeth:

  • You will need doggie toothpaste, and either a toothbrush, a nubby-surfaced rubber cap, a wash cloth or a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger.
  • Position yourself and your dog so that you can access the dog’s teeth comfortably. Lift your dog’s upper lips and begin to brush in a circular motion, much like you would brush your own teeth. Be sure to brush where the tooth meets the gum-line. Don’t forget to get the very back teeth, since this is where your dog is most likely to develop problems. When you are finished the top, move on to the bottom.
  • Check your dog’s teeth every time you groom him.

If this is new for you and your pet take it slow, and have patience. You and your best friend will be brushing for many years to come, so build a foundation of trust from the beginning.

Do you have suggestions or helpful hints? Please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!