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We love to walk down the waterfront in town. Taking in the fresh ocean air, and the warm weather. However, now placed along the way there are large sculptures of art. These are interesting pieces that are meant to evoke thought, or perhaps engage us in conversation as we wonder along the twists and turns of our seaside causeway.


Eye of the Ocean

by David Hunwick

Casts of 2 whale bones connect to represent a whales eye looking back to shore.

Hey! Eye of the Ocean not so BIG now ARE YOU? !!!

Sea Otter Plaque

by Fred Dobbs

This is the artists representation of the balance of life.

A close up view of the Sea Otter Plaque


by Jack E. Kreutzer

A celebration of the joy of life.

The Muse

by Louis-Marc Simard

Meant to represent a visual story.

We hope that you have enjoyed the Art Walk so far. Because of the amount of Sculptures (pictures) I have decided to do this post in three different segments. I hope you come back and look at all three as each sculpture is so different!

Do you have an Art Walk where you are? Leave me a comment and let me know where I can see it! Have a wonderful weekend!