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This is the third and final instalment of our Art Walk at the Waterfront and Art Walk at the Waterfront II. So put on your walking shoes, and lets take a look at the rest of the Art displayed at the Waterfront here in Sidney, BC.


 Pure Energy

by Armando Barbon

This sculpture is to represent balance and energy.

Board Dog

by Paul Harder

A British Bulldog riding a skateboard. This artists appreciation of nature is aimed to capture movement in this bronze sculpture.

Double Spinner

by Lyman Whitaker

This sculpture stands 16 feet high. A movement of kinetic art that draws people to it.

The Keeper

by Ronald T. Crawford

Is a representation of strength as the form leans into winds that gust into Sidney shoreline.

A close up of The Keeper

(Or so Cayman likes to think!)

Thank you for taking a walk with us as we strolled the Waterfront. This town has a great sense of community spirit that is pulled together in a common bond with these types of outdoor activities. I am proud to be part of this small town for the last 25 years . It is a peaceful, beautiful, and wonderful place to call home.

Does your hometown have outdoor activities that encapsulates their residents and visitors  to experience and become part of the community? Drop a comment and tell us about it. We would love to hear from you!