as told by cayman

So here’s how it started…

I was minding my business. Sleeping, dreaming about open fields full of bones! When I sensed that Mama was home. I got up stretched, and was all like, “Hey whatzup Mama? Whats in the bag? Is it something for me?”. Now I’ve been around the kibble bag long enough to know the sweet smell of tasty treats! And that my friends was the smell I was smellin right then! I ran to those bags as fast as my paws could go, and stuck my head right into that bag!

Well, next thing I know Mama did some kinda ninja style body brace on me! Something went over my head. It was going into a long dark tunnel, next thing I knew I popped out the other end! It felt weird, like I had a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough Mama started with my paws! NO MAMA, NOT THE PAWS! She was stuffing them into these small stretchy tubes! First the left paw, then the right. When all of a sudden I remembered an action movie I once saw called Over the Hedge. It’s about these animals and William Shatner plays possum… oh never mind that back to my story… playing possum I thought might just work! I went all limp-like, and floppy, well it seemed to have made Mama’s job easier because my little legs just slipped right into the stretchy tubes like they were made for them or something!

Once I was strapped into the device Mama called a “sweater” I was finally rewarded handsomely with the tasty treats that I had been longing for the whole time! Mama decided to try to puppy me by saying how cute I looked, how it fit perfectly. She gave my loads of snuggles, and I must admit I did feel warmer in my wrap around blanket. But why she kept looking at my back? Was there something there that I just couldn’t see? What??? What is it?? Do I have a monkey on my back, or something??

I’m very vocal about wanting my treat!

WHAT?? what are you looking at back there?

quick! I’m going to blink!

please, No pics now I’m busy!

here’s Me & my Dad in matching sweaters!

Fall is now in full-swing here on the West Coast. The rainy days are not far off so I suppose now would be a good time to start my quest for a raincoat for the Little Red Dog! Hmm wonder how he would feel about that…