The fun of pet photography!

I have been pouring through photos that I have of Cayman over the years. I must admit that, to me, some seem pretty funny! Anyone who has tried taking pictures of animals knows that they are unpredictable, to say the least.

For example…

Cut, print, that's a wrap 1

take that mama!!

Cut, print, that's a wrap 2

I’m bored! is it lunch break yet?

Cut, print, that's a wrap 3

lalalalala… i’m following my mama!

Cut, print, that's a wrap 4

Hey mama! Whatcha doing?

Cut, print, that's a wrap 5

Look at me mama, I can lick my nose!

Cut print thats a wrap 6

Howz that mama? Am I in focus now?

Cut, print, that's a wrap 7

good… except for one small problem

Cut, print, that's a wrap 8

And finally a personal favourite of mine

Thankfully Cayman is a good subject for me to work with because he photographs well. Now that’s not to say he likes it, but he will tolerate the camera for short periods of time. However, when Cayman has had enough of the paparazzi he lets me know. He gets the zoomies, or sticks his little face in the camera. Another favourite of his is to bark at the top of his little lungs until I stop, and then he gives me the look! Of course I can sympathize with him because he gets no joy from the end result, and doesn’t understand why he needs to hold still.

Cut, print, that's a wrap 9

But oh, how I try for that perfect shot! Obviously, I am not a photographer by trade. And we all know that learning how to take beautiful photos is time-consuming, and has a steep-learning curve. Some of my photos were taken by skills I’ve learned, and some (albeit most) by sheer luck. And my thanks to Pat for some of the beautiful photographs of Cayman that he has taken for me over the years. For the most part though Cayman & I muddle through, taking what photos I can take to capture the moment. More important to me is that Cayman and I spend time together. And who knows maybe one day I will capture that perfect picture! If not, we will continue to have fun trying!

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