christmas’ past through ornaments…

Every year at this time I open up a small box, careful to not to damage the contents inside. This little box has been with me for over 15 years, and I have loved, and a times dreaded this little box. It has some of my happiest memories, but also reminds me that sadly time marches on. From the first officially “adopted” Christmas, to the current Christmas, all is contained in this one little box. This year I have decided to take a few pictures, and share them with you.

Ornaments of Christmas' past

some ‘picture’ ornaments of sandi & cayman

Ornaments of Christmas' past 2

love the rein-dog lab from 2006

Ornaments of Christmas' past 3

this was Sandi’s first ‘officially adopted’ ornament

Ornaments of Christmas' past 4

of course cayman also has his first christmas ornament!

Ornaments of Christmas' past 5

this is my dog-ornament jamboree!

Ornaments of Christmas' past Cayman and me

the best gift of all? one built of love, and trust

I have more of these treasures that I need to photograph, but for now this will have to do! This has become a wonderful Christmas tradition for me, and one that I truly enjoy. Each year trying to find that perfect ornament that speaks of my pets personality. Perhaps laying by the fire like Sandi used to love, or wearing a Christmas sweater like the Little Red Dog! These ornaments not only help me get into the spirit of the season, but also help remind me of what Christmas is really about… love.