Aloha everyone!

As you might have guessed by the title we are on vacation! We generally try to get away this time of the year. It helps to escape the grey skies, and the seemingly never ending rain, drizzle, or downpour depending on the moment here on the Wet coast.

We have come to The Big Island for many years now, and love it like a second home. It is like being greeted by an old friend each time we come. Comfortable in the routine of island time it only takes but a few days here to have the stress wash from me, and feel at peace in both body and soul. I am truly grateful that we have the opportunity to travel to such a wonderful place.

So as you also might have noticed I have been lagging in my postings for my little buddy Cayman. Over the next few posts I’ll update you on Punkin aka Cayman. And also I thought that I might do a few on what we are up to here on the island. I know it has nothing to do with the Little Red Dog, but it might be interesting to some.

So until the next post….

Mahalo, and thanks for checking in with us!