Things are warming up so nicely here on the West Coast. Today it hit well over 25, and on the deck which is south facing it got a lot hotter than that. We are in the process of deciding how best to cover the concrete slabs during the hot, sunny days to come. It is much to hot for feet, and paws! But more about that in a later post.

This week has been busy with repotting, and of course Lil’ Buddy had his nose into everything the messy dirt doing his bit to help with the cleanup!


Cayman left the heavier work to the pro’s…


But he did do quality control on the grade of soil being used…here is where it passed his strict sniff/eat testing.


Then a little hard earned napping was in order


Then the real fun started! Getting rid of the dirt Cayman collected…yep bath time! And holy did Cayman zoom pass me! One minute he’s in frame next minute this is the picture I get! I did manage to cox him back with some (low cal) kibble!


Then a little personal oral hygiene to get the caked on dirt from between his teeth!


And finally after all the work was done everyone (including Cayman) celebrated with a wonderful BBQ!

The end to a beautiful sunny weekend! Hopefully this is just the start of many more to come. I hope your weekend was wonderful, and full of sunshine where you are? Did you manage to get out and enjoy it some of it?